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In addition to those benefiting from Designer Software's comprehensive concept validation service, ValidConceptSM, we have addressed the design and development needs of these clients:

Alstom Grid (formerly AREVA T&D)

Provided expert reviews and UI mockups for complex energy management systems supplied to regional transmission and local electric utilities.

Tegic Communications (now part of Nuance Communications)

Helped this start-up take its concept to reality – the T9® Text Input system for wireless phones and hand-held computers.

Mr. Longé designed and developed early T9 prototypes, ported a demonstration version to the PalmPilot, and led the team of contractors that developed the first commercial product. His contributions also laid the foundation for Tegic’s next generation of predictive text systems, XT9® Smart Input.

Designer Software has since supplied Nuance with contract user research staff and follow-on support for Tegic's patent portfolio.

Curo (formerly a division of Adobe Systems)

Prototyped and implemented object extensions to a Basic script interpreter for the Curo Document Management System.


Developed high-performance SQL database interfaces and Windows utilities for Weyerhauser's corporate accounting systems.

Insightful (formerly the StatSci division of Mathsoft)

Ported the S-PLUS statistical analysis package from UNIX to Windows and designed and implemented new GUI features. Also presented the benefits of usability testing based on a pilot study.

Designer Software

Independent software vendor project; designed and prototyped productivity tools and collaboration software for grade-school teachers and other professional educators.