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Interaction Design

User-centered design of human-computer interfaces to ensure a product with a great user experience.

Specification of and/or conformance to in-house style guides or industry-standard appearance and behavior for cross-platform applications and mobile devices.

User Research

Application of formal and “discount” methods to get feedback from the people who matter most – end users – including task analysis, participatory design, persona development, and quick usability studies.

Prototyping and Development

Software prototyping, using C/C++, Flash, XML, or even paper, to get a version of the product in front of users immediately.

Implementation of commercial or in-house applications for Windows, Android, and other platforms; specializing in embedded systems.

Small-team management including staffing, task scheduling, and code reviews; local coordination for offshore teams.

Expert Review

Evaluations of applications and Mobile Web sites based on usability heuristics, style guides, and acquired knowledge.

Assessment of new technologies, including potential business value and patentability, particularly in the field of user interface systems.

Recommendations for the entire product lifecycle to improve usability, quality, and efficiency.