Experts in Software Design, Prototyping, and User ResearchDesigner Software

In Brief

Designer Software is a consulting firm and contract agency providing interaction design, software prototyping, user research, and associated project management for multi-platform applications.

The company’s principals and network of associates offer decades of experience in the design, development, and patenting of software for mobile, Cloud-connected, and standalone apps.

Designer Software now offers these expert skills in a comprehensive concept validation service, ValidConceptSM, to help product managers prove the business case for new products and to help start-ups go from seed funding to market success.


Bespoke client services, tailored to your needs and to your organization. Click on each section below to learn more.

User-First design of human-computer interfaces to ensure every product offers a great user experience.

Conformance to in-house style guides and/or industry-standard appearance and behavior for mobile and cross-platform apps.

Application of formal and “discount” methods to get feedback from the people who matter most — end users — including task analysis, participatory design, persona development, and quick usability studies.

Software prototyping — using InVision, Figma, Raspberry Pi, or even a paper mock-up — to get a version of the product in front of users immediately.

Implementation of commercial or in-house applications for Android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms; specializing in embedded and IoT systems.

Small-team management including staffing, task scheduling, and design/code reviews; local coordination for offshore teams.

Evaluations of Mobile/Web apps and sites based on usability heuristics, style guides, and practical knowledge.

Assessment of new technologies for potential business value, patent development, or litigation defense — particularly in the field of user interface systems.

Recommendations for the entire product lifecycle to improve usability, quality, and efficiency.